Rev. Sam King Holomua’ōpio Chillingworth

Born and raised on the island of Oahu, I am of both of Hawaiian and Caucasian decent.   The ceremonies that we do together intertwine both cultural awareness and spiritual understanding into each and every ceremony, crafting commitments in love that are relaxed and genuine.  Customized specifically to your needs and wants, the day is yours to create.


The Hawaiian Islands are alive and contain within them a vibration of energy unlike many other places on the planet.  The plane between this place and the source of all things is more permeable and therefore speaks to your subconscious in ways you may not realize even until even after you’ve left.  The raw beauty, life, birth and change that Hawaii perpetuates is what has drawn people here for centuries.   Passion pours from the surroundings here and it is appropriate that love should be unified, witnessed, and enjoyed in such a special and isolated part of the world.  I am grateful for my connection to this place both physically and spiritually and have learned to listen to wisdom it provides.

My curiosity as to why we are the way we are has led me down many roads.  The process was purely analytical at first, then religious, then spiritual…and still in process.    As an eternal student I have challenged myself to ask bigger questions of who I am and why I think, feel, and act the way that I do.   Boring and overwhelming for some I know, but fascinating for me.

Growing up in Hawaii and a year long solo backpacking trip around the world blessed me with experiences that continue to shape my own understanding of how each of us relate to love and fear.  Living in ashrams in India, chatting with monks in Thailand, camping under the stars en route to Machu Picchu, visiting the favelas of Brazil, and the townships of South Africa broadened and cultivated my “island perspective” into something that everyone can relate to.

We are all blessed to experience love on any level.   And nothing gives me more pleasure than to celebrate the union of two people embarking upon one of the greatest adventures of human interaction.   Marriage is about love.  Love is about living.  These milestone events in all of our lives encourage us to live wholeheartedly, love unconditionally, and always remain eternally more curious than afraid.

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